Unfriendly Sky

Unfriendly Sky


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  1. magickfortherealworld

    Somehow I really doubt that you can classify chaos magicians like this. By your assumption that because they do not believe that their actions result in an opposite reaction towards themselves (aka karma or three-fold law or hell) that they will become immoral or uncaring towards their fellow man, you are saying that atheists are the same way. There are many, many very community centered atheists who have helped the world for centuries.

    Chaos witches do not belong to covens because they are Chaos witches not because Wiccan covens do not accept them. They do not follow the same path, so why would they work together? Their practices are dramatically different and in conflict with each other. This does not make either one wrong, simply different.

    That’s like saying that Druids believe Wiccans are ignorant and unfaithful simply because they do not practice together.

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