Notes: Green Skin and Warts

Wart Witch

Witches are often portrayed as having green skin and covered with warts. The reason for this can be traced back to Celtic traditions that associated witches with fairies, since both were thought to be not of this world. In fact, in Britain a fairy or person with psychic abilities was referred to as “greensleeve” or “green jacket.” It was often considered unlucky to wear green clothing because it might incur the wrath of fairies or witches who considered the color their own. Warts are often considered to be caused by witch curses. Since witches dislike witches more powerful than themselves it is considered proof of superiority to have been cursed enough to have many warts.



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3 responses to “Notes: Green Skin and Warts

  1. Hello Mars,

    You have an interesting blog and I wish you luck and success with your project.

    I’ve looked through the pages here and on pretty much each one you have listed, I could comment extensively 🙂

    Starting with this one though, I’ll give you a very brief explanation of the warts and green skin:

    During what most Witches refer to as “The Burning Times” – the period of European history famous for its witchcraft trials and executions, folks accused of witchcraft were tortured in horrible ways. When bodies are subjected to beatings and bruising, eventually bruises fade to greenish yellow.

    Inquisitors were also told to look for blemishes as a sign of the ‘devil’s mark’. Guess what this often consisted of?

    I have a page on my blog that goes into a bit more about this, if you’re interested.

    In Service,

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