Notes: Witch Cauldron

Witch Cauldron

A witch’s cauldron is an essential tool for a witch preparing potions, herbal remedies, scrying, divining and conjuring. Using it is also an important connector to the four natural elements (earth = cauldron, water = fluid, fire = fire, air = steam and aromas). For doing magic, this connection is essential. Although cauldrons can be made out of many properties, most books recommend that a witch should use an iron one with three legs. I have not found any explanation for the three legs. I imagine that it is symbolic in some way, but I’m not entirely sure. Maybe it is to keep it from tipping over. Nothing worse than spilled magic.


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  1. Three is a special number in Witchcraft. The significance of Three shows itself over and over again and is rooted as far back as Druidic tradition of the Celts. Two is a number of duality while Three is a number of actual balance and sacredness. There is a middle with Three that you don’t get with One or Two.

    Three shows up in the Triquetra (trinity knot) and the Triskele (triple spiral). It shows up in the three faces of the God (son, consort, sage) and the Goddess (maiden, mother, crone). It’s present in the belief of Threefold Return and in the union of the three parts of a person: Mind, Body, and Soul.

    Putting three legs on a cauldron is in deference and respect to this principle.

    Cauldrons with four legs are said to represent a connection with the four classical elements.

    Either one is acceptable, though my cauldrons all have 3 legs.

    Incidentally, I just did a blog involving cauldrons and potions.


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