Notes: Witches Eat Children

Eating ChildrenIn one of the library books I am reading, there is a section on “Child Eating.” It seems that witches really do eat small children and babies, especially their own. Although they will eat any child they can get their hands on, they prefer an unbaptized or naughty one. If they are unable to live in a location to lure children (woods, abandoned house, alleyway, fairgrounds, etc.), they will resort to sneaking into a child’s room at night and smother them as they sleep. It also seems to be a tradition for them to attend the funeral – in disguise, of course. That night they will exhume the body and cook it while it is still relatively fresh. Although they sometimes use an oven, the most common way to cook the child is with a large cauldron. Once the meat is tender enough to separate from the bone they will remove certain parts and dry them for future spell-making. Some of the meatier parts such as the thighs and buttocks are often cut up and roasted or used in a stew. Whatever is left over in the cauldron is turned into a stock for soup or au jus.


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