Notes: Witch of Endor

Witch of EndorKing Saul of the Kingdom of Israel had a problem.  His kingdom was about to be invaded by Philistines and he did not know what to do about it. He hoped that God would come to him in a dream to help him, but, after several nights sleep, he had no visitation and was growing desperate. Until recently he would have consulted with his prophet, Samuel. Unfortunately for King Saul, Samuel was dead. To make matters worse, in an attempt to gain the good graces of God, King Saul had banished all witches, necromancers and magicians from Israel. Not knowing what else to do, the king disguised himself in ragged clothes to sneak into town to find a witch. Once there he discovered the Witch of Endor (who, I guess, didn’t get the message that she wasn’t supposed to be in Israel anymore) and she summoned the ghost of Samuel to give him advice. Samuel, angry at being awakened from death, berated Saul for disobeying God and told him that his army would lose and that he was going die by his own hand, which is exactly what happened.


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