Notes: Lilith

LilithIn many creation myths, Lilith is either depicted as the first woman, a moon goddess, or a storm demon. She is often described as a seducer of men, a child-eater, or a screech owl.

In some Jewish folklore, Lilith is believed to have been the twin sister and first wife of Adam. They lived very happily in the Garden of Eden until one day when Adam wanted to have sex. This caused a big argument. According to legend, Adam wanted to do it “missionary-style” while Lilith wanted to do it with herself on top or with the two of them side by side. Adam refused and Lilith left him for a more adventurous sexual partner. Depending on which tradition you follow, she either hooked up with archangel Samael or Satan. And they had such a good time that they spawned many demons.

Some believe Lilith was a loving mother goddess who has been aggressively demonized by Judeo-Christian religions in order to replace her with patriarchal deities. In fact her popularity waned for many centuries before being rediscovered by Wiccans in the early 1950s. The conjuring up of Lilith plays a large part in rituals used in modern day Wicca. High Priestess Doreen Valiente cited Lilith as the presiding goddess of the Wiccan Craft: “the personification of erotic dreams, the suppressed desire for delights.”


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