Notes: DF, Lectures and Writings

chaliceorchardIn 1922, Dion Fortune left Alpha et Omega to form her own group, “Fraternity of the Inner Light” (later known as “The Society of the Inner Light”). This order began in a small hut (pictured) at Chalice Orchard, Glastonbury. Fortune said that her leaving was due to her being under magical attack by Moina Mathers, the head of AeO.  Fortune became an in demand lecturer and devoted much of her energies towards promoting her group. Fortune also became a very prolific writer during this time. She wrote fiction and non-fiction that promoted the different aspects of magic and mysticism. Her books are still very influential in the Goddess Movement and Wicca. Two of her books, The Cosmic Doctrine and Hermetic Qaballah, are often cited as the best books on magic ever written. Her books have been very influential in the fantasy genre (novels, comics, movies, and videogames).


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