Notes: The Magical Battle of Britain

battlebritainDuring the summer and fall of 1940, there was an aerial battle being fought over England. This conflict against the invading Germans has become known historically as “The Battle of Britain.” What many don’t know is that there was also a magical Battle of Britain being fought simultaneously.

From October 1939 to October 1942, Dion Fortune sent weekly letters to her followers thoroughly describing the meditations for them to perform each Sunday. These instructions were based on the Golden Dawn protection and visualization techniques. The goal was to psychically intensify the vortex of psychic imagery from the national spirit which had been around since Arthurian times. Fortune believed that the national spirit originated from Glastonbury where Excalibur had lain.

At first the rituals were purposed for a psychic self-defense, but soon Fortune was leading astral plane battles. Her followers would visualize themselves armed with swords and flaming torches. They would perform magical attacks on Nazi leaders, cursing them to change their bad behavior to good.  It was learned that the Nazis were themselves undertaking black magic rituals to attack Britain. It was believed by many occultists that Hitler had started WWII to get his hands on the Spear of Destiny (the lance that stabbed Jesus Christ while on the cross). It was thought that whoever possessed the Spear of Destiny would have great spiritual powers.

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