Notes: Dr. Anna Kingsford

Anna_KingsfordDr. Anna Kingsford (1846 -1888) was a famous women’s rights activist, medical doctor, author, lecturer, vegetarian, and occultist.  Kingsford was one of the founders of the Hermetic Society and was an early participant of Theosophy and similar spiritual societies. Kingsford is said to have had mystical visions and psychic powers from an early age. She often had illuminations in her sleep, usually of impending deaths. In 1873, she began corresponding with the spiritual writer, Edward Maitland. They began collaborating on work which they referred to as “Christian pantheism.” They investigated and wrote about esoteric Bible symbolism. Much of their work was used as the foundation for different orders of the occult, including the Hermetic Society. Kingsford died in her forties due to a chronic lung disease. She is remembered today as an early influencer in the struggle for women’s rights as well as an important promoter of occult and mystical organizations.

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